Monday, December 01, 2014

Having Too Much to DependsOn

In building a Desired State Configuration document for a FIM Service deployment I’ve come across a limit when using the DependsOn parameter:

StrongConnect : DependsOn link exceeded max depth limitation '1024'.

This happened when I had a configuration item that depended on more than 1024 other items.  In this case, it was a FIM Set object with thousands of ExplicitMember values.  The configuration is valid in FIM, so the resulting DSC configuration I’d generated was what I wanted but I guess past the limits for what DependsOn was intended for.

The workaround was just to omit the items, which could cause the configuration to fail late if the ExplicitMember items don’t actually exist in the FIM Service when the configuration runs.  For now I might just create those items out-of-band from DSC.


David Lundell said...

Have you published the FIM DSC resources? The presentation looks really cool.

Craig Martin said...

Working on that and hope to see progress in a couple months.