Thursday, November 13, 2014

Microsoft Acquires Aorato

Very interesting news today from Microsoft:

Active Directory Team Blog: Microsoft Acquires Aorato

This is interesting because it shows investment in the on-premises Active Directory (we’re already a tonne of investment in Azure AD, no complaints there).

We’re also seeing AD investments in the new Privileged Access Management (PAM) functionality, which also has ties into the next version of FIM (MIM).  MIM is not strictly required for the PAM functionality, but it augments it by adding extra policy enforcement.  The TTL nature of the group membership completely lives in AD.

It’s happened too often now that acquisitions get thrown into the FIM solution suite and don’t get truly integrated into AD or Windows Server or even FIM.  Looking forward to seeing where the Aorato technology lands; my preference would be for it to be baked into AD or a feature of the AD role.

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