Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VM Sizing for FIM in Azure

Been running my FIM lab VMs in Azure lately trying to learn how to best automate them.

My lazy observation is that running the FIM Service and Portal is tolerable in a Medium VM (A2) (2 cores, 3.5 GB memory).  My preference was to run it in an Small (A1) (1 core, 1.75 GB memory) but the memory and processor load was just too high.  I am being lazy here because I could optimize the computer but it is just cheaper for me to go bigger then use the time I saved to go ride my bike.

The difference is pretty small really because I only run these for hours at a time.  If I were to leave them on for the whole month it would be about:

  • Small VM ~$67/month
  • Medium VM ~$134/month

So far I haven’t gone home without forgetting to turn the lights off…

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