Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Future of FIM

For years we have lacked a good roadmap for the FIM product.  The product did not enjoy heavy investment and we did not hear much about where it was going.  One could be forgiven for thinking it was all but dead because the products around it were all being turfed as Microsoft shifted focus.

Today there is no excuse for thinking that FIM is dead.  Microsoft has finally thawed the roadmap, poured money and time into it, and has been public about their plans.  here are some salient blog posts:

· Forefront Identity Manager futures

· Forefront Identity Manager vNext roadmap (now Microsoft Identity Manager)

· Hybrid Identity, Mobile Device Management, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite

Those posts only pertain to FIM.  The reality is that Microsoft is doing a ton of identity work in AD and Azure to drastically lower the integration bar (my job may be at risk) and raise the success rate.

Microsoft’s original investment in identity (the acquisition of Zoomit in 1999) served largely to seed Active Directory deployments.  Today Microsoft’s re-investments in identity seem to serve as seeding Azure services, or what Microsoft is calling Hybrid Identity.  Tying FIM to Azure this way is pretty cool, and I think will create a lot of demand.

I’m very excited about this year and what we’re seeing from Microsoft.  Long live the metadirectory!

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