Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PowerShell Desired State Configuration–Time to Get-OnBoard

My brain is still full from the PowerShell Summit a couple weeks ago.  One of the big takeaways for me was just how serious Microsoft is about Desired State Configuration.  There was a session where Jeffrey Snover invited a bunch of people from the product group to introduce themselves and what they were working on.  The vast majority of them were working on DSC.  That was a big signal for me because it demonstrated that this is not just some neat feature that landed in the Windows Management Framework, but this is a serious part of dev and ops.

Already we are seeing rapid waves of goodies for DSC:

Anyhow, I’m back on the DSC bandwagon working on some custom resources and just figured out how to stop installing them to the Windows folder.  Cool!  Looking forward to sharing the resources once they are worthy.  At the moment the represent my fumbling around learning DSC, and also what that means in terms of improvements we can make to the FIM PowerShell Module to be a better fit for DSC.  This stuff fills my tank!

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