Thursday, May 15, 2014

Microsoft Message Analyzer

Most relationship status changes are announced on FaceBook, but I discovered this one on the PowerScripting Podcast.  Turns out NetMon and SvcTraceViewer got serious and produced offspring, known a Message Analyzer.

Message Analyzer takes a little getting used to (I’m still a noob) but I’ve already used it to help diagnose a couple of problems I’m working on.  One of the cool things about it is the ability to capture both network and system traces (such as ETW).  Pretty cool to see them both in the same chart so you can watch how an application like FIM interacts with the network.  Also cool to use as a discovery tool to learn how a system is behaving, instead of just looking at the code to gauge what it will do.

BTW – the PowerScripting Podcast is one of my favourites.  I listen to it when I’m driving, or when I’m riding my bike.  Even the shows that don’t seem relative to my work always leave me with something useful.  Great job guys, way to support the community!

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