Sunday, May 04, 2014

Find FIM news at the AD Blog

The FIM product went through a long stretch where it seemed nothing new was happening.  It didn’t help that Microsoft didn’t enter it into Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, leading many to draw the conclusion that FIM would not be continued as a product.  As a FIM MVP this could be pretty depressing, unless there was more going on over at Microsoft…

When the FIM product shipped back in 2010, a big party was thrown then some re-orgs happened.  People that worked on FIM kinda scattered, and more re-orgs happened <insert a witty analogy here about musical chairs or blenders (will it blend?)>. 

Here we are now in 2014 and we now know that FIM will soon be called MIM (love it).  That is great news because it is a major release of FIM, and should be out next year.  The impatient may have noticed FIM features appearing in Azure Active Directory (AAD).  These features are appearing at an awesome pace since they are deployed to Azure (no setup.exe required, no .chm required, no 1000 page deployment guide required).  Those familiar with the FIM team members may have noticed some of the usual suspects blogging on the AD team blog, announcing FIM-like feature additions to AAD.

The whole point of this blog post is simply to draw attention to the AD team blog, since that is where exciting stuff is happening, and that is where FIM-like features are ending up. 

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