Wednesday, April 23, 2014

File Copy Performance on Generation 2 Virtual Machines

Just an observation not backed up by good research, but I ventured down the Generation 2 virtual machine path in hopes of drastic performance improvements for file copies.

My scenario is that I have a FIM VM that I need to restore databases into, and I do the restore from SQL backup files (which are nice and compressed for copying pleasure).  Ideally I would be able to just copy the files to the VM using UNC paths, but the speeds hover around 1MB/s.

Copying the same file to the Hyper-V host, I get speeds closer to 50MB/s.

The workaround I’ve come up with to appease my impatience is to mount a VHDX on the host, and copy the files into the VHDX, then add that VHDX to the VM.  The problem with this is that it requires access to the VM host, which I only have because I bought the admin a six pack.

I was hoping that the file copy performance of the Generation 2 VM would solve my problem, but it appears I have to work a little harder to figure it out.  More later, and until the the admin will enjoy more beer.

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