Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FIM 2015?

On the Microsoft Server and Cloud blog today the news was released that FIM will see a major release in the year 2015:

Important Changes to the Forefront Product Line

The lack of roadmap has caused quite a bit of pessimism, and it would have been reasonable to expect FIM to fall off the same cliff as UAG.  I’m excited to hear more about the next release, and also how it will integrate with the next version of the synchronization engine. 

Here is the news regarding FIM:

Forefront Identity Manager

The next full release of FIM will be delivered as part of Microsoft’s identity and access management product roadmap, which includes both on-premises investments and those we are making in Windows Azure Active Directory and related cloud services.

The investment areas for this next major release of FIM will include:

  • Hybrid scenarios with Windows Azure AD
  • User & Access Management
  • Audit & Compliance

We will share more details on specific features and functionality as we get closer to the release date.

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