Thursday, October 17, 2013

The FIM Team User Group - Introduction to FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShell

Had the opportunity to present to the FIM Team User Group on FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShell.  It was a great turnout, thanks to everybody for participating!

View the recording of The FIM Team User Group meeting from 16 October 2013 20:00 GMT.

This meeting was presented by Craig Martin covering Introduction to FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShell - FIM 2010 is a great workflow engine capable of hosting custom workflow activities to perform a multitude of tasks. Those custom workflows are typically written in C# using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), two tools that present a steep learning curve for the average IT Pro. PowerShell presents a much smaller learning curve, allowing quicker development of FIM workflows using the FIM PowerShell Workflow Activity ( Come see how to get started writing FIM workflows with PowerShell.

The next planned meeting will be presented by David Lundell on Impact of deprecated features. Further details of the meeting will be sent through closer to the event, including Lync Online details and the meeting time in multiple time-zones.

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