Sunday, September 08, 2013

What has your Management Agent done for you lately?

It is useful to look at the history of a particular management agent to spot trends in its behaviour and answer questions such as:

  • how long has this problem existed? (did my change cause this?)
  • is there always this much activity? (how much damage did this bug cause?)

The FIM Sync Engine maintains a great amount of detail in Run History but the Sync Engine Manager doesn’t always make it easy to answer questions.  No big deal, just use PowerShell (the ultimate tool for slicing through data).

Much of the data you see in the Sync Engine for Run History is exposed via WMI (pronounced ‘whammy’).  The FIM PowerShell Sync Module has a few commands that act as wrappers over the FIM Sync WMI classes, making them much friendlier, and allowing them to interact with some of my favourite commands like:

  • Where-Object
  • Out-GridView
  • Select-Object
  • Format-Table
  • Group-Object

Here is a simple example showing how to get a subset of the Run History data into Out-GridView.



### Get Run History for the FIM MA 'export' Run Profile

### Then Get the Counters Detail

### Then view in Out-GridView


Get-MIIS_RunHistory -MaName FIM -StartedAfter 9/1/2013 -RunProfile Export |

Get-RunHistoryDetailCounters |



For a peak at what the results look like in Out-GridView, check out the documentation page at the FIM PowerShell Module at CodePlex:

Documentation –> Samples –> Summarize Run History Details

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