Thursday, August 29, 2013

Am I really a good integrator or just a good googler?

I’m a big fan of Scott Hanselman, even though I’m not a web developer I really enjoy his take on the software craft, and highly recommend a podcast he’s involved in, This Developer’s Life.

Anyhow, I just read a blog post by Scott:

Am I really a developer or just a good googler?

This applies directly to systems integration, and working with FIM.  It is so relevant because FIM demands knowledge of so many disparate things and software development (ignore it at your peril, see Button Monkeys).  Could you integrate with system Foo without pouring over its documentation or crawling its community’s forums and blogs?  Could you write a VBA sync rule script by hand without the sync engine stopping you cold in your notepad tracks? (aside: if you can, let’s talk)

Anyhow, I do follow some of Scott’s suggestions which is easy because the developer community tends to have more support.  The question is, what are the systems integrator equivalents?  Momentum seems to be accelerating for FIM with the annual Oxford Identity Summit and the monthly FIM User Group by Unify Solutions.  Virtualization and PowerShell are awesome tools here too, in that you can automate most of what you want to do, allowing you to focus on the part you want to learn (for me that means build, try, fail, repeat).

I like to think that I fail faster than most, and hopefully learn more, and maybe even rely less on my mad google skillz.

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