Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Microsoft announces PowerShell v4, DSC

From the PowerShell.org site:

Microsoft announces PowerShell v4, DSC


More PowerShell v4 and DSC Details

This is exciting for a couple of reasons:

1. If you are a FIM Sync nut, then you already live and breathe DSC

The sync engine enforces the state of objects according to its rules.  So it is already doing DSC for identities.  Blam!  You just became an Identity-DSC person!  However, do you manage your FIM deployment with DSC in mind?  FIM doesn’t exactly make this easy today, but it IS possible.

2. If you ever deploy FIM, you should care about DSC

Lately I’ve been on an automation kick to improve the quality of FIM deployments through deployment automation (see http://fimpowershellmodule.codeplex.com).  Once the system is deployed there is always the challenge of patching, and ensuring our configuration isn’t drifting from what we have in source control.  I’m really excited to see what PowerShell V4 brings to the table to make this challenge easier.

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James Booth said...

This is very cool news. I can't wait.