Monday, January 14, 2013

Scrum and FIM Deployments

Been using Scrum for FIM deployments lately and believe it to be a major success factor, but also a great stabilizer for an otherwise seemingly crazy deployment cycle. 

Another practitioner summarizes it somewhat positively in this post:

Scrum: Even Better than Getting Slapped

In my case, I really enjoy the quick deployments, and the relief of only doing detailed design work in smaller chunks.  Makes it way easier to break something down into tasks that are much easier to estimate in hours instead of days or weeks.

My experience has also been that a strong Scrum master is required to really drive the process for a team, at least for the first few iterations until the rhythm is established and everybody understands what they are responsible for and when.  Coming from an IT Pro / Sys-Admin background, the Dev overhead doesn’t seem natural at first (in fact it can be quite onerous) but a quick dose of DevOps and some doctrine from Jeffrey Snover leads me to believe that every FIM deployment should be done with Scrum, if anything to avoid getting slapped.

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