Monday, January 07, 2013


FIM ships more PowerShell tools!  We saw this demonstrated a couple years ago at the MVP summit, and now in R2 we have this really cool tool.  Invoke-QuickStart is located in a ZIP file, so you have to unzip it then xcopy it before you can use it.  This is all covered in on TechNet:

Using the QuickStart Tool

Pretty sure this will ONLY work on a FIM Sync server that is not already in use (it can’t already be running an existing configuration) because I’m also pretty sure this command uses the PowerShell snap-in to load the sync config, and to update the AD MA and FIM MA.

This is the same approach taken by the DirSync appliance setup program, and the same approach taken by the Outlook Live Sync setup, and the same setup we should all use for automating our own deployments!

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