Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FIM Sync: Deprecated Features And Planning For The Future

Hot off the press is a very interesting TechNet article:

Deprecated Features And Planning For The Future

This is a signal that big changes are about to happen in the product (or at least in the Sync Engine).  I’m willing to trade a lot of those deprecated features for new features in that future release of FIM. The big questions are:

  • When is the future release of FIM?
  • What will the upgrade/migration story look like?

My opinion is that the Sync Engine gave us a decade of pretty good upgrade experiences (MIIS—>ILM—>FIM) so now is probably a reasonable time to introduce a version of the product that breaks compatibility, but only if those new features are sufficiently awesome!  If I had to spend money on either a nice upgrade experience or awesome new functionality, then as an integrator I’d opt for the awesome new functionality.

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