Tuesday, January 01, 2013

FIM MVP’d Again!

I’m honoured to have received the MVP award again, and a year of reasons to say MVP’ness!  Last year was a fun year of contributing to CodePlex, and I’ve managed to get help from a few people that are smarter than me, so I’ve been learning from other people in addition to the learning from my own fails.  Posting solution components is one thing, but it has been fun to use them in production, see others use them in production, and to update the projects with feedback from those deployments. 

2012 saw way more CodePlex check-ins than forum posts, and I really enjoyed it but will try to find a little more balance this year.  CodePlex seems to satisfy the introvert in me, while TechNet forums seem to force the extrovert to engage as well.

Most of my deployments this year have custom FIM UX plans, so I expect to also share a lot of lessons learned as I win and lose in that arena.  Some are small web apps to complement the FIM Portal, others are complete replacements.  An interesting FIM tradition seems to be the gravitational force it exerts to pull us into new areas of software such as WF, WS-*, and UX (look for an upcoming post on CodeLess).

Finally I’d like to thank NetPro for the Directory Experts Conference.  It changed names through the years and acquisitions but really started with Gil and the gang when they adopted MMSUG.  That show gave MVPs the chance to participate in a small venue with heavy product group participation, and forced a lot of MVPs to contribute to the community just in time for the show.  It doesn’t look like Dell will continue the show, but OCG has stepped up and I am sure they will bring the success of their annual UK event to the US.

Happy New Year!


Naohiro Fujie said...

Looking forward to see you the summit.

Craig Martin said...

Thanks Naohiro, looking forward to it too!