Saturday, November 24, 2012

Selling Test Automation for FIM

For a long time I’ve been convinced that Test Automation (and related automations) are very difficult to sell as scope in a FIM deployment engagement.  It seems like a tax that most people are happy to dodge where in reality it is a bet that people unknowingly make.  That bet is: I bet if I skip test automation then my deployment will still be OK.  The reality is that you are going to spend the time and money proactively doing test automation, or you are going to spend the time reactively scrambling to repro and resolve bugs that your customers find for you.

Anyhow, I was looking at the sponsors of the OCG event in January and stumbled upon an interesting one:

The interesting thing about Software IDM is that they are actually selling test automation for FIM.  This is very interesting because some great FIM ISV products have died on the vine (NetPro Mission Control for example) but this is a product that should be difficult to sell.  Still I’m really fascinated to see somebody try to sell it, and can’t wait to learn more about it.

For the record, I think that EVERY deployment of FIM should have a high percentage of test coverage in the form of test automation.  Test Automation for FIM is NOT easy, but it is the only way to measure quality before pushing changes into production.

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