Thursday, November 22, 2012

FIM 2012?

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much inside machines, because I looked up today and saw a slide deck indicating we’ll see Forefront Identity Manager 2012, in what has to be calendar year 2012.
Enterprise Software Roadmap for Microsoft Products 2011
Looking again after my second cup of coffee, the deck clearly says ‘2011’ so I think it is safe to say there may have been a release planned in 2012, which is now probably just FIM 2010 SP1.
The interesting thing is that Microsoft seems to have taken a page out of Apple’s consumer-oriented playbook whereby release details are shrouded in secrecy.  For Microsoft consumer products (Surface was a good example) that makes sense but I hope enterprise software products see more community involvement and less secrecy.

UPDATE: a friend pointed out to me that the deck likely came from Directions on Microsoft, and that the roadmaps posted may not map very accurately to the actual plans of the product group.  You can subscribe to Directions on Microsoft (not free) to view the December 2012 issue which has a fresh roadmap for FIM. SPOILER ALERT: it isn't drastically different than the slide deck linked above except that the dates have moved back a bit.

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