Friday, October 05, 2012

TEC 2012–I’m Speaking!

I’ve been honoured with the opportunity to speak at The Experts Conference in Barcelona!

This time I’m giving two talks:

FIM / PowerShell Deep Dive

Bring your big ears, I’m going to blast through what you need to know about PowerShell in order to make your FIM deployments better.  If you work with FIM, you NEED to come to this session.

FIM as an OData Endpoint

FIM is a powerful policy and workflow engine hiding behind a set of web services that are no picnic. 

PowerShell is a powerful automation and integration platform turning DevOps into reality.

Version 3.0 of PowerShell has just shipped and comes with a very interesting solution to FIM’s API challenges; the Management OData IIS Extension.  This feature enables IIS to expose your management data (think FIM) accessed through PowerShell, as OData Web service entities.  So instead of querying the FIM web service for person objects, you could use URLs like this:

Pretty cool, and that is just the GET verbs.  You can also map to the other verbs to support Create, Update and  Delete.

I’m looking forward to getting my demos together for this one!

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Søren Granfeldt said...

Sounds really wicked. Sadly, I won't be in around for the session this year. Could use a little more warmth than what we have here in Denmark.

Have a good one...