Sunday, October 07, 2012

PowerShell Summit North America 2013

I was a bit bummed to learn that The Experts Conference no longer had the PowerShell Deep Dive track.  Turns out I got lucky and the PowerShell Deep Dive morphed into a new community-owned and –operated event called the PowerShell Summit (lucky because I live near where the event is, and could ride my bike to attend it instead of flying).

The event will follow the same format as the PowerShell Deep Dive, whereby each session is just 35 minutes.  You can create an account at, then login to view the session proposals.  Session proposals will be voted on to determine who will be the next contestant on So You Think You Can Script.

Why am I excited about attending?  Every new thing I learn in PowerShell makes me better at my job.  Browsing the session proposals I can easily spot a dozen things I want to learn more about, in order to do my job better.  Actually I really just want to do my job FASTER so that I can hang out with my family, ride my bike, and play hockey, etc.

This looks to be an awesome event and I can’t wait to attend!

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