Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endangered IT species No. 8: The Purple-Tufted Programmer (Codus cobolus)

Network World published this interesting slideshow.  Slide 9 introduces Endangered IT species No. 8: The Purple-Tufted Programmer (Codus cobolus).  The interesting part is this tidbit, which can easily be seen as Identity Management junkies:

IT pros who only hack code may quickly wind up on the wrong side of the evolutionary divide.

The advice for avoiding extinction is spot on:

Coders who want to survive need to expand their expertise and align their skills with the needs of the business, says StorageIO Group senior adviser Greg Schulz.

"Coders and script junkies need to also be integrators of business logic, cloud tools, and more, or they'll join the ranks of mainframers who are becoming extinct," he says.

If you’ve worked with FIM, you are already behaving like an integrator.  FIM is the glue that binds lots and lots of systems together, so Darwin may forgive your script junkie tendencies.  For now…

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