Sunday, September 30, 2012

Keep Calm and Learn PowerShell

This week I installed Windows 8 on my main work desktop.  I was mostly enticed by Hyper-V on the client.  VirtualBox has served me surprisingly well for the past few years, but the Oracle splash screen was getting too hard to swallow.

Holy Kittens!  Windows 8 was not an easy UI to love at first.  The learning curve shocked me, and the amount of disorientation was a bit embarrassing.  When I first started using Windows 8 I couldn’t even shutdown the machine, I had to open PowerShell to do so.

BTW – if you don’t already know PowerShell, yesterday was the time.  If you manage Windows computers, you MUST learn this.  Here’s a fun Lock Screen image to share this opinion (  Anyhow, on with the Win8 rant…

The move from iPhone to Windows Phone 7.5 took about a day to get over.  The move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 has taken me a few days, but I can forgive that learning curve because I do like the new OS, and enjoy the features it brings.  The shocking part for me is that I consider myself an experienced Windows user, and worry that the learning curve for the average Windows 8 user on computer with a keyboard and mouse will be, well, um, higher.  My hope is that people are delighted by the stability, features and improvements enough to forgive the learning curve this OS requires.  I know I am already happy, but even more excited to see what Surface feels like next month!

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