Monday, August 13, 2012

Hidden Gem: FimSyncPowerShellModule.psm1

The interesting player statistic for me this year has been the low number of blog posts and the high number of CodePlex check-ins.  This seems to demonstrate that I am talking less and sharing more.  The catalyst here has been PowerShell.  I’ve become a huge fan of building tools with PowerShell, and perversely enjoy it.  It affords IT Pros like me the opportunity to produce and share useful code without TOO much serious development effort.

The past few years have been very busy and I’ve been able to post some very useful PowerShell functions.  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with documentation soon enough, because I don’t think staring at the script is the best way to learn how to use somebody else’s functions.  Luckily I’ve been pretty good about providing comment-based help as I’ve been posting the functions, so generating the documentation is actually quite simple.

This first batch of examples contains some really cool functions that taught me how to make use of some really cool features in PowerShell that allowed them to be rather compact.  Reading through the module you can probably tell that I’ve learned some lessons as I wrote it.  Many of the functions have been re-written a few times, and there are many more functions that are just too knarly to post because I haven’t found a way to make them simple enough to share.

Anyhow, here is the first batch of documentation pages:

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