Monday, July 02, 2012

Neat Article on Hierarchy in SQL Server

Here is a neat article on Hierarchy in SQL Server:

Hierarchies: Convert Adjacency List to Nested Sets

It is relevant to FIM because both the FIM Service and FIM Synchronization Engine deal with sets and hierarchy, and sometimes we do this hierarchy processing outside of FIM (pre-processing) because we need to handle hierarchy differently than the engines do today.

A really great FIM blog post would be to share how FIM processes hierarchy internally, but I’m just not that deep in SQL to go digging for the answer.

This also makes me wonder what the relationship is to .NET 4.0 and the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime).  We see some great uses of this in PowerShell 3.0 in the form of Intellisense (freakishly awesome!).  While I don’t have a lot of hierarchy challenges in front of me today, I would be really curious to solve them with the ‘blinding speed’ of SQL and the awesomeness of PowerShell.

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