Monday, May 07, 2012

FIM PowerShell Modules Released

Recently I delivered a workshop at The Experts Conference in San Diego.  The delivery lasted four hours, all involved are healthy and the proud recipients of some PowerShell modules.  The modules are now released on CodePlex:

The star of the show is really the FIM Service module.  It depends heavily on the FimAutomation PowerShell Snap-In which ships with FIM.  This buys the module a nice support story since the cmdlets in that snap-in are released and supported by Microsoft.  While the cmdlets are intended for configuration migration, the functions in the module demonstrate that they can also be used to accomplish CRUD operations against the FIM Service, and be combined for simple yet powerful automation scenarios in FIM.

Everybody using FIM should be doing automation like this, and I hope the modules illustrate how PowerShell amplifies skill sets and extends the reach and extensibility of products like FIM.

If you like the module then please file a review on CodePlex.  If you don’t like the module, then maybe skip the review and instead please file bugs for any issues you find.  Happy automating!

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Henrik Nilsson said...

Great stuff Craig!!!