Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FIM MVP’d Again!

I’ve been honoured with FIM MVP status again, so am basking in the glow of my MVP’ness.  2011 was a fun year for me working with FIM.  I was lucky enough to engage in really fun and challenging projects.  I was also lucky enough to get invited to speak at a few conferences.  Conference sessions are a forcing function for me to share something on CodePlex.  Last year I put up a few projects, and am actively using most of them in production today, as are some other people that were able to take the source and run with it. 

This year I plan to keep those same projects moving, and maybe add an additional project or two.  FIM is a sweet spot for PowerShell because it lowers the coding bar for IT Pros like me, while at the same time extending the reach and automation of FIM.  On a daily basis this means I get to do FIM deployment work while writing fun PowerShell scripts.  It’s fun work and I’m glad to be recognized as part of the community again.  Woo-hoo!

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Congrats! :)