Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Don’t Be a Button Monkey

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of PowerShell.  The simple reason is that it makes for impressively effective integration glue, AND it is actually fun to use.  FIM is also strongly rooted in integration glue, but Don Jones’ example of Button Monkeys highlights a big difference between FIM and PowerShell. 

FIM (with its Codeless Provisioning) is aimed at making life easier for both the Button Monkey, and its users.

PowerShell declares that Button Monkeys are on the verge of extinction, and challenges them to evolve by learning (and building) new tools.

I’m not saying PowerShell is going to replace FIM.  Both are integration tools and have great value.  FIM provides value that does not overlap with PowerShell, while PowerShell provides value and benefits to FIM to extend the reach of FIM, while making it easier to design/deploy/manage. 

My take is: PowerShell adds an incredible (and fun) opportunity for FIM folks to solve integration challenges faster, with higher quality.  Don’t be a Button Monkey.

BTW – when Don talks about WF in PowerShell, think about what that might mean for WF in FIM…

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