Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Use PowerShell to Troubleshoot FIM Query Issues

Trying something new, posting to the FIM wiki:

How to Use PowerShell to Troubleshoot FIM Query Issues

There are a lot of useful scripts on the FIM wiki and I like the idea of collecting them all in one neat place.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FIM MVP’d Again!

I’ve been honoured with FIM MVP status again, so am basking in the glow of my MVP’ness.  2011 was a fun year for me working with FIM.  I was lucky enough to engage in really fun and challenging projects.  I was also lucky enough to get invited to speak at a few conferences.  Conference sessions are a forcing function for me to share something on CodePlex.  Last year I put up a few projects, and am actively using most of them in production today, as are some other people that were able to take the source and run with it. 

This year I plan to keep those same projects moving, and maybe add an additional project or two.  FIM is a sweet spot for PowerShell because it lowers the coding bar for IT Pros like me, while at the same time extending the reach and automation of FIM.  On a daily basis this means I get to do FIM deployment work while writing fun PowerShell scripts.  It’s fun work and I’m glad to be recognized as part of the community again.  Woo-hoo!

TEC 2012 Agenda is Filling Up!

Looks like some fun sessions lining up for TEC 2012.  Once again the PowerShell Deep Dive is on the agenda, so I expect to sit in there to learn as much as possible.  PowerShell 3.0 should be in beta by then so there oughta be a bunch of really cool sessions on things like WF and WS.

Oddly I’m mentioned in the press release for the PowerShell Deep Dive.  While I’m still a FIM MVP, I do tend to talk a lot about PowerShell simply because it makes for excellent integration glue.  The sessions and workshop I’ve proposed all include some angle of PowerShell so I’m hoping I get the opportunity to share as much as I anticipate learning ;-)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wiping out the WSS Internal Database

Recently I was making some changes to a server (in my VM lab) that created an interesting problem.  FIM had been running under the security context of a local computer account, and I wanted to switch it now to a domain account.

The process of uninstalling FIM (Service and Portal) then SharePoint seemed to go fine.  Then re-installing WSS would not work.  The installation log complained of a database connection, so it did not like having the database lying around from the previous installation.

The simple fix was to follow the guidance in the article below to delete the Internal Database:

Windows Internal Database is not listed in the Add or Remove Programs tool and is not removed when you remove Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 from the computer

After following the instruction (one step!) in the KB article, I was able to install WSS, then get on with re-installing FIM.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Don’t Be a Button Monkey

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of PowerShell.  The simple reason is that it makes for impressively effective integration glue, AND it is actually fun to use.  FIM is also strongly rooted in integration glue, but Don Jones’ example of Button Monkeys highlights a big difference between FIM and PowerShell. 

FIM (with its Codeless Provisioning) is aimed at making life easier for both the Button Monkey, and its users.

PowerShell declares that Button Monkeys are on the verge of extinction, and challenges them to evolve by learning (and building) new tools.

I’m not saying PowerShell is going to replace FIM.  Both are integration tools and have great value.  FIM provides value that does not overlap with PowerShell, while PowerShell provides value and benefits to FIM to extend the reach of FIM, while making it easier to design/deploy/manage. 

My take is: PowerShell adds an incredible (and fun) opportunity for FIM folks to solve integration challenges faster, with higher quality.  Don’t be a Button Monkey.

BTW – when Don talks about WF in PowerShell, think about what that might mean for WF in FIM…