Friday, July 15, 2011

News on FIM Plans for Cloud Integration

At its core, FIM is just an integration tool, and identity management has always been about the applications.  This is an exciting time for FIM and identity management because ‘to the cloud’ seems to be great motivation to drive change into applications that are normally really hard to change.

My overall take is:

  1. Federate where you can
  2. Synchronize where you must

But it is never this simple, and tools like FIM will always be required so it is good to hear that Microsoft has plans for FIM to make cloud integration easier.

To me this is analogous to FIM’s early days when Active Directory was the big push, and FIM (then called MMS) was used to accelerate the adoption of Active Directory by getting application data into the DS thereby making it a reasonable target for other applications (remember directory-enabled applications?).  If I ruled the world (or at least a significant amount of Microsoft) then I’d again position FIM in this way, only this time using it to accelerate adoption of Azure/Office365 by easing eliminating the pain of the hybrid enterprise.

Anyhow, maybe the new article above is an indication of Microsoft moving FIM in this direction.  Time will tell, at least until I rule the world.

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