Thursday, June 23, 2011

New-WebServiceProxy and 401: Unauthorized

Feeling mildly dumb about this one, but using New-WebServiceProxy recently and spent too much time troubleshooting the 401 errors it was throwing me.

After fiddling with UAC and proxy settings I finally looked at the New-WebServiceProxy cmdlet help.  The handy ‘UseDefaultCredential’ of course allowed the cmdlet to use my security context, and get me access.  Duh.

Always a Bridesmaid…

For the second year in a row Edgile (the company tolerant enough to call me their employee) has achieved ‘Finalist’ status for the Microsoft Identity and Security Partner of the Year.

It has been a great ride working at Edgile and I’m very impressed with the teams we have assembled.  There’s always next year!