Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reporting for FIM (and EVERYTHING else using SSRS and PowerShell)

Just got home from TEC 2011 in Las Vegas, and whoa what a great time!  There were lots of FIM gurus there, but new this year was a track dedicated to PowerShell.  I’m pretty excited about PowerShell, so the additional track created a LOT of conflicts for me.  My ideal TEC would be a couple days longer so I could see ALL the awesome talks, but I’m not sure my liver or wallet could handle it.


This is a fun feature gap in FIM to address because it helps us realize that we’re really just DBAs ;-)

My first approach to this challenge was to extend SSRS using a Data Processing Extension (DPE) to query the FIM web service.  We have customers using this successfully in production today, but I wanted to add functionality to it, including enabling reporting against FIM Sync.  Turns out PowerShell is REALLY good at getting objects, allowing you to flatten it down into something consumable by a report.  After some prototyping I was able to get a DPE working with PowerShell, so any PowerShell pipeline can populate an SSRS dataset.

I’ve posted this prototype onto CodePlex, and am using for some report challenges (including FIM).  Please feel free to download it, try it out, and provide some feedback!

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