Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Coming to TEC? You have to see my Reporting Session!

It’s obvious you have to go to TEC this year, each year the conference gets better and this year is huge with the addition of the PowerShell track.

Reporting is a rather dull topic to cover but I think I’ve got an angle that is really freaking exciting.

The original sin was FIM shipping without a reporting feature.  In response to this I put a solution together to tie SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to FIM via the FIM web service.  Basically it would allow SSRS to get data directly from the FIM web service without requiring any intermediary database staging.  This was all good but I’ve been looking to solve some of the problems with that approach and my solution is the topic of my reporting session at TEC on Wednesday morning.

To hint at what I’ll be presenting; it has more to do with PowerShell than FIM, but I use it all over the place to do FIM reporting.  The SSRS component and some of the reports themselves will be posted to CodePlex this month, mostly because I anticipate working on them feverishly until Wednesday morning in Vegas ;-)

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