Friday, February 04, 2011

FIM Sync Engine–More PowerShell Added

Back in November I posted about the ILM Sync Engine PowerShell cmdlets.

Turns out they were added to FIM in a hotfix last year (I’d assumed they were in RTM).

From the KB Article

Features in Sync Engine
Feature 1
A limited set of PowerShell cmdlets are added to allow you to perform some limited editing of the Sync Service configuration.
For more information about these PowerShell cmdlets, visit the following Microsoft Website:

General information about PowerShell cmdlets that let you edit the Sync Service configuration 

So if you are running FIM Sync with a build of at least 4.0.3547.2 then all you need to do is add the snap-in and you’re off to the PowerShell races.  No need to download the MSI!

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