Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going to TechReady in February? Come See My FIM Sessions!

I’ve been lucky enough to snag a couple speaker slots at TechReady12.  If you’re attending then come throw ripe fruit!

  • Thursday, February 17th – PowerShell and Forefront Identity Manager 2010
  • Friday, February 18th – Forefront Identity Manager CM Integration with the Forefront Identity Manager Service

Both sessions will be littered with PowerShell rants, demos and samples as they pertain to FIM extensibility, testing and automation (Thursday) then as PowerShell pertains to the integration story between the three FIM engines (FIM Service, FIM Sync and FIM CM).

PowerShell is a critical IT Pro skill (especially if you are in the habit of deploying FIM):

  • PowerShell is critical to productivity
  • PowerShell is critical to quality

We’re past the point where it is just a cool new technology, so come see how FIM is an example where PowerShell can be used to improve your productivity as well as the quality of your deployments.

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