Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going to TechReady in February? Come See My FIM Sessions!

I’ve been lucky enough to snag a couple speaker slots at TechReady12.  If you’re attending then come throw ripe fruit!

  • Thursday, February 17th – PowerShell and Forefront Identity Manager 2010
  • Friday, February 18th – Forefront Identity Manager CM Integration with the Forefront Identity Manager Service

Both sessions will be littered with PowerShell rants, demos and samples as they pertain to FIM extensibility, testing and automation (Thursday) then as PowerShell pertains to the integration story between the three FIM engines (FIM Service, FIM Sync and FIM CM).

PowerShell is a critical IT Pro skill (especially if you are in the habit of deploying FIM):

  • PowerShell is critical to productivity
  • PowerShell is critical to quality

We’re past the point where it is just a cool new technology, so come see how FIM is an example where PowerShell can be used to improve your productivity as well as the quality of your deployments.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

VirtualBox for FIM Development Environments

I prefer to run Win7 on my laptop, and also like to run VMs there too.  Unfortunately this is a pain because there is no desktop virtualization support for x64 guests (at least not that I know of).  This drove me to VMWare, then to VirtualBox.

VirtualBox works like a charm with one exception.  Any time I try to use the guest additions, all hell breaks loose.  It brings the host (my laptop) to its knees until I can manage to stop the offending VM.

Disabling the guest additions solves this issue, which I'm fine with since I'd rather use RDP to access the VMs anyhow.

IE9 Adventure - Promising but short

Got IE9 pushed onto my machine today and it was pretty cool!  Seems a lot quicker than IE8, as promised but after trying every compatibility option I was unable to get it to work with the TechNet forums.

Uninstalling took just a minute, but it introduced an odd quirk whereby every new tab or window would auto-start the IE Developer Tools in a separate window (annoying!).

The trick was to go into the registry and manually set the 'Pinned' key to 1.  Doing this in the browser itself just wouldn't work.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Using the Compare-Object Cmdlet

Just a short post on this cmdlet: Compare-Object.

I've found it incredibly useful in a lot of my scripts where I'm diff'ing FIM configurations, but sometimes the results just didn't seem right, which made me lose confidence in the cmdlet until I found this post at
Tipps & Tricks Using Compare-Object

Before I read that post I was resorting to boiling my objects down to simple String arrays, which seemed to make the results better.  Thanks to that post I can now compare arrays of objects again, which is a lot simpler in scripts, and a LOT more powerful.

Just today I used it to compare the IAF and EAF rules on a FIM Sync box where each config had ~300 rules.  In seconds the Compare-Object cmdlet was able to tell me that only 30 rules were different between the two configs, and what the specific differences were.


Friday, January 07, 2011

Use PowerShell to Create FIM ActivityInformationConfiguration Objects

FIM 2010 can be extended with custom WF activities. Try it out using the TechNet guide:
How to: Create a Custom Logging Activity and Deploy it to the FIM Portal

One of the challenges with creating (for me at least) is getting the details of the Activity Information Configuration object correct.

The script below takes the details directly from the WF DLL that you've built. Just point it to the DLL file and it will figure out the details then create the object in FIM for you.

Trying something new here, cross posting to TechNet Wiki

Thursday, January 06, 2011

MVP'd for 2011!

Thanks to Microsoft for renewing my MVP status for 2011!! It's an honour to be recognized for being a geek, and I have a blast saying MVP-ness ;-)

The FIM MVPs are a small bunch of tenacious contributors I am happy to be part of, and am really looking forward to the MVP summit in February.