Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Simple Reporting in FIM 2010 with SSRS

I’ve been working on an extension to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to facilitate simple reporting of data in the FIM 2010 service.

SSRS provides the Data Processing Extension interface which allows other data sources to feed data into reports.  This little extension acts as a gateway to the features and functionality of SSRS.  In other words, it helps close the feature gap in FIM since FIM 2010 does not ship with any reporting functionality yet the FIM service itself tends to contain mountains of identity data that customers tend to want to report on.  FIM requires SQL Server anyhow, so why not use a little bit more of that box?

So far I’ve been using the FIM Data Processing Extension (FIM DPE) to produce reports of data in the FIM Service, but also to address some of the shortcomings of the FIM notifications.  For example, with SSRS data-driven subscriptions you can use the FIM DPE to deliver notifications based on events, or just on a schedule.  And instead of using FIM email templates you can use the SSRS report designers to produce the notifications.

This effort in no way attempts to replace what partners such as Quest, Omada and bHold have in their offerings.  I consider this a low cost DIY approach to FIM reporting.  If you have the data you need in the FIM Service and are willing to design your reports using the SSRS report designers (they are pretty easy to use) then this project is worth exploring (and contributing feedback to!).  If you are in the market for a full featured partner solution to FIM then of course skip this project and go right into evaluating the other solutions.

At the moment the code is posted to CodePlex.  A release isn’t carved out yet since I want to add more documentation and instrumentation.  In the interim, feel free to poke at the code, give it a run, and provide feedback and code reviews!

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Brad Turner said...

This is awesome Craig, thanks for sharing!