Monday, October 18, 2010

Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning

Gartner released the Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning recently.  The Microsoft product in this category is of course our beloved FIM 2010. 

At a glance Microsoft looks to be in the wrong quadrant (yikes!) but the optimist in me sees Microsoft moving from Challengers into Leaders.  My optimism is based on the following:

  • FIM 2010 adds a lot of functionality to the sturdy sync engine, and this new functionality has room to improve
  • Future integration with Sentillion
  • Improved integration with Certificate Management (it wasn’t even mentioned)
  • The increase in community participation

At TEC2010 in LA it was revealed that Microsoft re-org’d the FIM team.  At TEC2010 in Germany we saw a glimpse of what is possible when FIM is combined with Microsoft System Center (System Center Identity Manager perhaps?).  I mention TEC a lot here because it is a nice focused venue to get these tidbits face-to-face.

If Microsoft can nail the ‘better together’ story then I think it will hard to keep them out of the Leaders quadrant.  Will it happen by next year?  It’s a good question to ask at TEC 2011 in Vegas Baby!

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