Monday, August 16, 2010

Unexpected-Error (reference depth has reached exceeded maximum of 100)

Chances are you will never run into this, but it’s Monday so I did.


Unexpected-Error per object on a Full Sync.  Details of the error are:

The operation failed because the number of reference depth has reached
exceeded maximum of 100.

Repro Scenario

Running several management agents to populate one CS.  All MAs are importing, and only one is exporting.  Running the first MA is fine, running successive MAs eventually produces this error.  Again, this is a large server (>3M objects) with lots and lots of references – not a reflection of the average scale so I wouldn’t expect many repro’s on this.


I suspect this is caused by making the sync engine disconnect then reprovision the objects in the CS.  Instead of running Full Sync on all of the ‘import MAs’, I run Full Sync on the biggest one, then do an Export and Confirming Import on the ‘export MA’.  This allows the other MAs to get through Full Sync without the provisioning-disconnects.

Moral of the Story

Arrange your run profiles to avoid large numbers Provisioning-Disconnects.

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