Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sync as an Appliance

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of PowerShell.  The story behind PowerShell is analogous to Cinderella where Jeffrey Snover defies the odds to create something incredible not only for Microsoft, but for the IT Pro users of their software.

Anyhow… I think the huge success of PowerShell isn’t the feature set itself but in the huge list of teams inside Microsoft using PowerShell to do cool things with their products.  Exchange is an obvious example.  For these teams there are enticing reasons to adopt PowerShell, and for us IT Pros there are huge benefits when more teams ship cmdlets thanks to the compos-ible nature of PowerShell.

FIM should probably also be measured by the success of their internal partners.  I’m obviously a fan of FIM, but really feel that the bar was raised by PowerShell and hope to see better FIM-based solutions in the future.

Unfortunately it is easy to find customers unhappy with a FIM solution.  This one is an interesting experience where the blog author has a funny take on the internal partnering experience between SharePoint and FIM:

More User Profile Sync issues in SP2010: Certificate Provisioning Fun

I think the re-org announced at TEC in LA this year is a good step in that direction and am pretty curious to see what shape the product takes as a result.

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