Friday, August 06, 2010

Gearing Up for TEC Europe!

I’m honoured to be speaking at TEC Europe this October.  We’ll see if I can manage to reduce my rate of speech so that somebody besides my wife can decipher what I am trying to say.  Interesting to note that we’re expecting a new baby shortly after TEC so I’ll be hurrying home ;-)

Topics I’ll be covering are:

Automating FIM Deployments with Microsoft PowerShell

In a FIM deployment of any size, administrators will want to automate the management and maintenance of their servers and configuration as much as possible. Come to this interactive and demo-filled session to see real-world examples of Powershell automation and scripts that you can use to improve your FIM maintenance experience. Whether you are new to the Powershell “game” or a seasoned pro, you will find tips, tricks, and advice that you can start using right away within your environment.

Developer Tools for the IT Pro

You’ve sat through presentations telling you how to diagnose a failing project, but how do you revive it?  Turns out as an industry we are very bad at what we do, so sit in and hear tips for successfully deploying FIM projects.  This session balances stodgy methodology coverage with interesting tools and techniques for deployment and test automation.


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