Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heck of a TEC

Just got back from TEC (OK, I stayed in Vegas longer than I should have). Given the economic turmoil I was worried the sessions would be empty and speakers absent but was very excited to see lots of people and a great crew of speakers. Against the odds Gil, Stella and Christine put on a great show.

The best analogy I have for TEC is the video for "No Rain" from Blind Melon where that funky little bee-girl runs around seeminly confusing the snot out of people as she dances around dressed like a bee in tap shoes. Identity and Access is just like that, we spend all year telling people about it, customers eventually get it, relatives just smile, and spouses do their best, but at TEC we find ourselves surrounded by people speaking the same jargon even if their native language is different, our acronyms are harmonic.

Somewhat absent was the ILM PG, likley constrained by scaled back travel budgets but I missed seeing them all there. Hats off to Andreas and Mark for being on the front lines when the bad news of the ILM delay landed. Those guys had a tough job last week facing all the customers and partners with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Jackson's post on the delay nailed it. This is going to be a tough year for ILM partners but shipping the wrong product would hurt even more.

My TEC 2009 highlights:
  • losing my voice the night before my sessions started
  • Craig (not me) getting booted from the casino
  • pre-con labs running perfectly, and no all-nighters!
  • I love Vegas, but my wallet tells a different story
  • great speakers, and recorded sessions so overlaps don't hurt