Friday, June 20, 2008

Export_Password, More Please!

Export_Password is a pretty neat attribute introduced for ILM Password Management. It is neat because it is the attribute you can set and forget, so no nagging export-not-reimported errors if you export it and don't expect it to come back (I've had pets like that).

It works really well when creating objects in an MA where you have a password extension, such as an XMA. In provisioning code you do something like this:

ManagementAgent = mventry.ConnectedMAs["ELMA"];
if (ManagementAgent.Connectors.Count == 0)
csentry = ManagementAgent.Connectors.StartNewConnector("person");
csentry["export_password"].StringValue = "is this thing on?"; csentry.CommitNewConnector();

It doesn't work so well if you are not provisioning a new object. If you try to use it on an existing connector you'll get an InvalidOperationException, so this will not work:

ManagementAgent = mventry.ConnectedMAs["ELMA"];
if (ManagementAgent.Connectors.Count == 1)
ManagementAgent.Connectors.ByIndex[0]["export_password"].StringValue = "is this thing on?";

If that worked then it would enable a scenario currently implemented in the Live@Edu solution where Import Attribute Flow can trigger a password reset in LiveID. It only really works because the MA doesn't do imports, thereby sidestepping the Export-Not-Reimported error.

If Export_Password worked on existing connectors then we'd have the same functionality, plus we wouldn't need to worry about Export-Not-Reimported.

I'll add it to my wish list unless somebody has some sneaky/cool alternatives.

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