Monday, July 02, 2007

OpenLDAP XMA on SourceForge: Files Available for Download

The OpenLDAP XMA project went live a little while ago on SourceForge, and the files are now available for download. Please feel free to download, take apart, file bugs, file feature requests, and of course make use of it!

The project was announced during Bob Muglia's keynote speech at the Interop conference in Vegas back in May. It was picked up by several online publications, including the following:
CIO Insight
Internet News
IT Management
Wait a sec, isn't there already an OpenLDAP MA on SourceForge? Yes, but this project is the new and improved MA that runs entirely managed code thanks to System.DirectoryServices.Protocols. We have also started filing bugs on the project, all of which should be visible to everybody in hopes of making this more of a collaboration.
There are updates planned already for this summer, including directory trawling and some performance testing. In the meantime, enjoy the current release and feel free to file feedback!

OpenLDAP XMA project

This project had been pretty cool. Adam from Microsoft and the guys from Kernel are an impressive bunch. the code wouldn't be half as good without the guys from Kernel, and the project could have easily gone sideways were it not Adam's passion and organization. There should be many more projects like this, but this is obviously a progression and demonstrates a path moving forward from the Yahoo Groups. I'm happy to see something like this happen, and am even more excited about the collaboration possible in the ILM 2 timeframe when there are even more extensibility points in the product.

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