Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reverse Joining

The reverse joins document by Microsoft is a good read if you're looking to design a solution with MIIS to prevent duplicate objects. The guide explains the concept of an Auxilliary MA to interrupt a synchronization cycle. Interrupting the synchronization cycle allows other MAs to evaluate their join rules BEFORE provisioning occurs.

Normally a sync cycle proceeds as follows:
1. Projection creates a new MV object
2. Provisioning rules create new CS objects in other MAs

Using the Aux MA to Interrupt the sync cycle results in this:
1. Projection createa a new MV object
2. Other management agents try to join to the new MV object
3. If a connector doesn't exist (because no join was made) then provision

This simple concept is nicely explained in the guide, but unfortunately no code samples are provided. I've got it working and can vouch that it goes beyond theory ;-). Thanks Markus!


Nasal Crooner said...

can u mail me the code u are using for implementing reverse joins in MIIS?


Unknown said...

If you can, may I please view the code you wrote for this? Thanks..